Benefits of using a Virtual Private Server

There are many benefits of using a Virtual Private Server (VPS), one of them being reliability. The reason a VPS is more reliable is that the server isn’t shared with any other entity. An increase in availability also means an increase in reliability. A single person, business, or organization that uses a shared server also share the same resources, which impacts the speed and overall performance of the server. Not having to share the same resources will help boost speed and performance. In the same regard, one has complete control of how resources are used.

Using a VPS can also mean having your own unique IP address. Many times when you are on a shared server—you share the same IP address. A couple of different problems can occur because of this. If one of the websites that share your IP address gets blacklisted, your site can be negatively impacted as well, as far as web rankings are concerned. Having your own IP address can prevent this from happening.

Another benefit of using a Virtual Private Server is security. When you are assigned a dedicated server—no one else has access to your personal server. You have control of your own firewall settings. This can increase your site’s security, safety, and at the same time not negatively impact your website performance. Also, there is added physical security when it comes to having your dedicated server inside of a colocation data center as well.

Another advantage is customization and flexibility. Having a server that is dedicated to you means you have complete control over the server environment, to customize the CPU, RAM, disk space to your specific needs. You also have the opportunity to change the platform and operating system in a way that helps manage your projects in the best way possible.

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